Replacement Battery for RCA BB99L FB-120 FB-1260 6.0V 4800mAh

Price: $37.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible. This Replacement Ni-MH rechargeable battery is designed to compatible with RCA BB99L FB-120 FB-1260.

* Product Type: generic/equivalent
* Chemical Composition: Ni-MH
* Voltage: 6.0V
* Capacity: 4800mAh 28.8Wh
* Condition: new, 1 Year Warranty!
* Use Integrated microchip which can prevent overcharge and over-discharge.
* No memory effect, batteries can be charged or discharged at any time without harm.

Replace Part Numbers:
RCA: 1CVA157 1CVA158C 244265 244427 AV-158C AV8MLED AV8M3W BB700 BB99L FB-120 FB-1260

Compatible with the following RCA camera models:
AUTOSHOT CC-1000 CC-1650 CC-174 CC-176 CC-178 CC-180 CC-187 CC-188 CC-190 CC-6251
CC506 CC-506 CC600 CC-600 CC604 CC-604 CC612 CC-612 CC614 CC-614 CC6151 CC-6151 CC616 CC-616 CC6163 CC-6163 CC617 CC-617 CC618 CC-618 CC620 CC-620 CC6251 CC-6251 CC6262 CC-6262 CC6263 CC-6263 CC6271 CC-6271 CC6272 CC-6272 CC6291 CC-6291 CC631 CC-631 CC631A CC-631A CC632 CC-632 CC633 CC-633 CC633A CC-633A CC634 CC-634 CC6351 CC-6351 CC636 CC-636 CC6363 CC-6363 CC6364 CC-6364 CC6366 CC-6366 CC637 CC-637 CC6371 CC-6371 CC6372 CC-6372 CC638 CC-638 CC6383 CC-6383 CC6384 CC-6384 CC639 CC-639 CC6391 CC-6391 CC6392 CC-6392 CC641 CC-641 CC643 CC-643 CC645 CC-645 CC648 CC-648 CC6491 CC-6491 CC710 CC-710 CC740 CC-740 CC800 CC-800 CC837 CC-837 CG400 CG-400
PRO801C PRO-801C PRO807 PRO-807 PRO808 PRO-808 PRO808A PRO-808A PRO809 PRO-809 PRO830 PRO-830 PRO840 PRO-840 PRO842 PRO-842 PRO843 PRO-843 PRO845 PRO-845 PRO847 PRO-847 PRO851 PRO-851 PRO942 PRO-942 PROV700C PRO-V700C PROV702C PRO-V702C PROV800C PRO-V800C

Package Included:
1 x Replacement Battery for RCA BB99L FB-120 FB-1260 6.0V 4800mAh

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Replacement Battery for RCA BB99L FB-120 FB-1260 6.0V 4800mAh