2000mAh 14.40V Replacement Li-ion Battery for Panasonic EY9L40B EY9L41B EY9L42B

Price: $22.95

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible. This 14.40V Replacement Li-ion battery is designed to compatible with Panasonic EY9L40B, EY9L41B, EY9L42B.

* Product Type: generic/equivalent
* Battery Voltage: 14.40V
* Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
* Chemistry: Li-ion
* Dimension: 127.70 x 75.50 x 52.62 mm
* Weight: 500.00 g
* Condition: new, 1 Year Warranty!
* It is easy to use, convenient to carry with.
* No memory effect, Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life.

Compatible Part Numbers:
EY9L40B, EY9L41B, EY9L42B

Compatible with the following Panasonic Power Tools models:
EY3640K, EY3640LR1S, EY3641K, EY3641LR1S, EY3740B,
EY3741B, EY4541LR1S, EY4541X, EY4542LR2M,
EY4542LZ2M, EY4542XM, EY4640LR1S, EY4640X,
EY7440LN2S, EY7441, EY7441LE2S, EY7441LE2S31,
EY7441LR2S, EY7441LZ2S, EY7441LZ2S31, EY7441X,
EY7441X31, EY7442LR2S, EY7442X, EY7540LN2S,
EY7540LZ2S, EY7540X, EY7541LZ2S, EY7541X,
EY7542LR2S, EY7542LZ2S, EY7542X, EY7542X31,
EY7546LR2S, EY7546X, EY7547LR2S, EY7547X,
EY7840LR2S, EY7840LZ2S, EY7840X, EY7940LR2S,
EY7940LZ2S, EY7940LZ2S31, EY7940X, EZ3741, EZ3743,
EZ3744, EZ37C1, EZ4540, EZ4540LE2S, EZ4540LR2S,
EZ4540LZ2S, EZ4540X, EZ4541, EZ4541LR1S,
EZ4541LZ1S, EZ4541X, EZ4542, EZ4542LR1M,
EZ4542LZ1M, EZ4542XM, EZ4542XW, EZ4543,
EZ4543LE1S, EZ4543LR1S, EZ4543LZ1S, EZ4543X,
EZ4544, EZ4544K, EZ4640, EZ4640LR1S, EZ4640LR1S-B,
EZ4640LZ1S, EZ4640X, EZ4640X-B, EZ4641, EZ4641K,
EZ4641K-H, EZ7441, EZ7441LR2S-B, EZ7441LR2S-H,
EZ7441LZ2S-B, EZ7441LZ2S-H, EZ7441X-B, EZ7441X-H,
EZ7442, EZ7442LR2S, EZ7442LR2S-H, EZ7442X,
EZ7442X-H, EZ7541LZ2S, EZ7541X, EZ7542,
EZ7542LE2S, EZ7542LR2S-A, EZ7542LR2S-B,
EZ7542LR2S-R, EZ7542LZ2S-A, EZ7542LZ2S-B,
EZ7542LZ2S-R, EZ7542X-A, EZ7542X-B, EZ7542X-R,
EZ7543, EZ7544, EZ7544LN2S-B, EZ7544LR2S,
EZ7544LR2S-B, EZ7544LZ2S, EZ7544X, EZ7544X-B,
EZ7545, EZ7545LR1S, EZ7545LZ1S, EZ7545X, EZ7546,
EZ7546LE2S, EZ7546LR, EZ7546LR2S-A, EZ7546LR2S-B,
EZ7546LR2S-H, EZ7546LZ2S-A, EZ7546LZ2S-B,
EZ7546LZ2S-H, EZ7546X-A, EZ7546X-B, EZ7546X-H,
EZ7547, EZ7547LR, EZ7547LR2S, EZ7547LR2S-H,
EZ7547X, EZ7547X-H, EZ7548, EZ7548LE2S,
EZ7548LR2S, EZ7548LS2S, EZ7548X, EZ7840,
EZ7840LE2S, EZ7840LR2S-B, EZ7840LR2S-R,
EZ7840LZ2S-B, EZ7840LZ2S-R, EZ7840X-B, EZ7840X-R,
EZ78A1, EZ78A1LS2F, EZ78A1LS2G, EZ78A1X, EZ7940,
EZ7940LR2S, EZ7940LZ2S, EZ7940X

1.The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 July, 2019.

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14.40V 2000mAh Replacement Battery for Panasonic EY9L40B, EY9L41B, EY9L42B